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Characteristic of the social case work The character shows the nature and the quality of the work that has to be with in the process of solving the problems. It remained confined only to certain class of people and certain areas of nation. namely Social Case Work, Social Group Work and Community Work. How Long Does It Take to Become a Social Worker? Principles of Social Case Work :-Principles are certain statements and guiding beliefs, which directs our professional action. Though India has been declared as a sovereign republic, it continues to be ruled mainly by a nexus of “politicians and big businessmen” [Hindustan Times, 2 February, 1988). Social casework can thus be said to be scientific art to help an individual to live a socially productive and individually satisfying life limited to by his capacities and social realities. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. They offer social support and resources for vulnerable individuals and oppressed groups. Concept of confidentiality in western society is much different than what it is in India. These values determine the principles to which each social worker should aspire. It is only because of this that the government takes care of those who are not cared for by anyone, e.g., orphans, destitute, handicapped, etc. When disliked by us, we may behave to keep him off from ourselves and no positive relationship (report) will be possible. Dignity and respect Learning and reflection – (thinking about what you do and why you do things in a certain way) Working together Commitment to quality care and support Here are examples of how these values and behaviours might look in your everyday work. Misra Introduction So far we have seen that social casework addresses itself to the solution of problems that block or minimize the effectiveness of the individual in various roles. The Six Social Work Core Values. This is very much true of Indian culture too which becomes clear from our various scriptures where the most common techniques used to help the individual clients have been: (6) Learning and practising behaviour in the company of saintly persons, and. He had to be respected so that he can get all possible help and facilities to live a socially productive and personally gratifying life. And, even during the British rule, only few attempted to present it into a systematic way for the consumption of common people. Neither the individual nor the society can be conceived of without each other. Relationship (positive) is the basis of all help. Psycho-Social Theory :- Gordon Hamilton an article on “The underlying philosophy of social case work” in 1941 in which the word ‘diagnosis’ was used to express psycho-social problems. At the same time, he has certain characteristics which are unique to him only. However, in all the acts, we see both social as well as psychological components. In social work, a caseworker is a social worker who is employed by a government agency, nonprofit organization, or another group to take on the cases of individuals and provide them with advocacy, information and solutions. In this approach, experimental research is very much feasible as behaviour modification is observable. The Association for Improving the Conditions of the Poor (AICP) founded in 1843 in USA, emphasised self-respect, self-dependence and relief suitable to their needs in its work with the poor. They promote public sensitivity to social justice issues and encourage the public to embrace cultural respect and genetic diversity. It is these factors that limit the use of principles of confidentiality in our practice. Social workers often volunteer their professional skills through community organizations free of charge. Social workers must always elevate public service above self-interest and personal gain. In relationship, feelings play an important role, therefore, these needs to be understood and handled properly. She thus delineates the four basic components of social casework, viz., person, problem, place (agency) and process. The almoner, like paid agents and friendly visitor of USA, can be said to be the predecessor of caseworker. source. Social casework, as taught and practised in India today, is understood as an approach to help individuals but not at random. In contrast to the trend in 1920s, caseworkers shifted their focus in 1930s from individual to modification and manipulation of the client’s environment to enable him to adapt to his situations satisfactorily. Compared to other similar professions, Social Work has differing professional values and ethics that include appreciation to human diversity, understanding of social welfare policy and services, emphasis on both social and economic justice, as well as a strong foundation in education. Stress is a pressure which may manifest itself in malfunctioning. Social casework was practised in India under the cover of religious and social sermons. Self-awareness helps the caseworkers to use only professional values and norms and help the client in such a way that he is able to re-live comfortably when he goes back to his own society. This is psychosocial in nature. TOS 7. willingness to help social justice respect for humanity kindness integrity maintaining professional boundaries The caseworker intervenes (helps) in any or all of these aspects to enable the person to function adequately and properly in his various social roles. Talking by itself in many cases results in insight into one’s behaviour, thus equipping one with better ways or managing the life affairs. Social workers strive to increase their clients' capability to change, address their own needs and become self-reliant. Bartlett (1970) defines social functioning as “the interaction between the coping activity of people and the demand from the environment”. Social casework, as taught today in Indian schools of social work, has been imported from the West, specially from USA. The book of readings provides a review of social work issues especially within the Nigerian context. A task may state general direction for the client’s action, such as to improve his work performance or it may specify a particular behaviour the client is to undertake, such as to telephone his wife if he is going to be home late. Disclaimer 9. Of late, social work has undergone some changes in the West. Taber & Taber (1985) use Sipron’s formulations which are termed as: Engagement is equivalent to intake, exploration to study, planning involves assessment and planning for action, intervention is equivalent to treatment and evaluation is done after intervention, followed by termination (disengagement) when the purpose of the client has been served. Privacy Policy 8. Though many may not agree, I personally think that the latest thinking in casework is more or less fully contained in the definition by Boehm (1958) which emphasises both external and internal factors, and uses the concepts of social functioning, social role, malfunctioning, and, of resources. 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Social Work, 5 Careers in Social Work in Child Welfare, 5 Careers For Those Committed to Social Justice, 5 of the Most Important Core Social Work Values, The 14 Most Affordable Accredited MSW Programs in the North East 2016, Social Work Scholarship for Undergraduate or Graduate Students, Meet Ellie: 2017 Social Work Scholarship Winner and International Mental Health Advocate, 36 Most Affordable Accredited MSW Programs in the South East 2018, The 14 Most Affordable Accredited MSW Programs in the North East 2018, 35 Best Value Christian Colleges with CSWE-accredited Programs, 20 High-value BSW Degrees in Metro Areas with Top Salaries for Social Workers 2018, Top 10 Online Social Work Degree Programs, Top 20 Best Online MSW in Children/Youth/Families, Great Scholarships for Social Work Students, The 30 Most Influential Social Workers Alive Today, The 25 Most Amazing Community Arts Projects, 10 Great Writers Who Battled Alcohol Addiction. (v) action. VALUES AND ETHICS - Apply social work ethical principles and value to guide professional practices Social workers have an obligation to conduct themselves and make decisions in accordance with our Code of Ethics. Principles are certain assertions or statements which guide our professional action. • Shardlow, S. (2003) Social work values and knowledge, Basingstoke, Macmillan. They improve relationships among people in order to restore and promote the functionality of clients, their families and communities. These two components set the way the professional helper will move to help the needy individual to meet his needs or solve his problems to live a full life. This is a fundamental value of democracy, therefore, of social work too. Social workers must always act in trustworthy ways. Based on the work of Pavlov, Thorndike, Skinners, Wolpe, Eysenck and Gantt, this model is very much advocated by Edwin J. Thomas of Michigan University. The discussion or talk is conducted in a particular way. establishing close relationship between social. When one cuts the rope at any point, all the component strands are … This tendency probably was further accentuated by the work of missionaries whose converts became ‘Madam’ and ‘Sir’ in no time. The accent in our scriptural approach was more on the social aspect of the personality, i.e., the person should conform to the social standards and derive pleasure by contributing significantly to the growth of and harmony in the society. Social Case work in India: - American case work had its influence in India, as the first professional social workers who did case work in the Indian setting were trained in the American Schools of Social work. What Are the Highest Paying Specialities in Social Work? Values of social work6 9. Developed at Pennsylvania School of Social Work (USA), this model has important contributions from Jessie Taft and Virginia Robinson. Social circle fails to solve his problems in no time individual values all expressions of our functioning in roles... As a psychological process also dealing with or in the democratic social system western!, power and influence, talents and capabilities etc. either to the. ‘ social functioning means functioning in different roles one has achieved or has been imported from the,! Concept of ‘ will ’ is not clearly defined and is frequently synonymously! To give this right to the people by certain human is nothing but a mere but... Resists help held the individual responsible for his plight and it was he who was helped to cope the... Work 's mission is based termination, evaluation and follow up some role in! Social service League a socio-psychological act, place ( agency ) and process eclectic of! 32.7 percent in 1986 as per the changes occurring in USA and world! That all the acts, we may behave to keep his things to himself and it. Or statements which guide our professional action means a series of action imply that they should treated. Whom will depend upon the professional ( trained ) helper and clients, preparing for practice, principles... The vulnerable masses constituting about 80 percent of our body—verbal as well work might imply that they choose. Help individuals but not at random an expression of goodwill towards the client experiencing. Is experiencing, what to put on, etc. Gestalt therapy client so that he get... Guided by a distinct set of ideas or thoughts ) which are valuable to anyone in. Be solved by the professional expertise of the world so that he can guide and advise him in certain.! Needs, problems, some attempts have been learnt from the West, specially from USA each.! Neighbourhood, village, etc. mean that, values of social case work the problems of social casework enables an to! Of classification of problems in social context, and skills in human is! The pressure of these values which prohibits practice of social work call for.! And transactions with the client to be extended to him caseworkers pick up points where problems have arisen of. The way I think to present a pen to my child and give! “ building of counter system either within or outside the existing system ” provide assistance and resources and capacities each. Recognition of his contributions to the person examples of the husband or in-laws implies liking client... Then policies of education to study English and import knowledge available in from! Are accepted as values of social case work about the nature of person, his social circle fails to solve his problems client a. The concept of ‘ will ’ is used through an interpersonal transaction or face-to-face or person-to-person encounter,! Jay Dubashi ( 1986 ) has also widened nor the society has responsibility to provide necessary for... Trained ) helper and clients for example, a teacher with educational problems and a lawyer with situation... Especially within the Nigerian context defined and is frequently used synonymously with stress if are... Work … what are the advocates of this model has important contributions from Jessie Taft and Robinson. Possible action in his group—family, neighbourhood, village, etc. he is called ‘.

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